My name is Kano and I’m 23 years old. I’m a media design trainee who lives in Germany. I am currently a junior and (hopefully) graduating in Summer 2017.

I really love Anime/Manga as well as K-Pop and several video games. I play a lot of Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, Tomb Raider, Pokemon and Fire Emblem.

As for Anime/Manga, I do have a lot favorites and I can’t decide my guilty pleasure series either but I think it must be Haikyuu!!

For anything else, you can find my social networks on my flavors!




cred Name’s esthaim or kintaro, a 22 year old female who’s currently living the student life in Germany. When I love things, I tend to be a little bit obsessed; especially with video games but with anime/manga as well. My favourite manga will forever be Gintama even though it’s coming to an end and my treasured – no pun intended – game is Uncharted. For more information about me, you can visit me on my network. Also, you can always contact me via twitter since I’m very active there.