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Now I would consider this as a warm welcome back to the newly built website of mine! It was as fast as unexpected; and the July ending very soon, I decided to make it up with introducing the favorites of the month July! This is going to be a category on this blog that appears on the last day of a month, talking and introducing the series/games/whatevs that had kept me stunning the whole month!


One of the most valuable highlights this month was the airing of the SERVAMP anime. Let’s be honest: I LOVE Servamp and I own the first three volumes, so when I heard about the Anime Adaption I was super excited.

It’s about an average guy called Mahiru who founds a black stray cat and decides to take care of it. However, the cat turns out to be a vampire -a Servamp to be precise- and has now to deal with a huge mess among the other Servamps and their Eves, the ‘masters’ of the Servamps.

For now, the series counts 4 episodes and is still ongoing. I do watch the new episode every week with my QPP, and we’re always excited for the newest episode. Despite not being a fan of vampire-themed stories, Servamp is an exception as it’s way different and more enjoyable.

Danganronpa 3 – The End Of Hope’s Peak Academy

I guess it was pretty unexpected yet I knew about a third season of the franchise coming. However, the most unexpecting part was the fact that it will be parted into two different series.

For those who are not familiar with the franchise: Danganronpa is originally a video game for the Playstation Console ( PSP & PsVita) and even has two Steam-Versions of the first two games. It originally is a Visual Novel about a Killing Game where one has to kill someone and everyone had to find the killer so that they can be executed. The most noticeable part is that it’s school-themed. Two games, one spin-off/sequel, an animation series of the first game were already released and a new game is announced for this year; we now have two animated series that are not based off the two games. The first one has the name Future Arc and is a continuation of the second game and tells a new story and introduces a new killing game, the second one has the name Despair Arc and is, however, a prequel of the second game and tells the story of the protagonists prior the main event of the second game.

I shall mention that both series will be aired on different days, though I cannot tell you when the first one and the second one will be aired; means: just like Servamp both series are still ongoing.

However, it is RECOMMENDED that you have the knowledge of the first and the second game before watching the series, because you will be really confused. You can either watch the first animated series or watch the gameplays of both games.

Voltron Legendary Defender

Okay, now I shall tell you that this is NOT an anime. This is a Netflix Original Series and if it wouldn’t be my twitter timeline being silent about it, I wouldn’t even have started watching it. Voltron Legendary Defender is from the same creators that made Legend of Korra and Avatar: The last Airbender. You may recognize the animation style as well as the character design. It is a Netflix series and you may need Netflix or you know some sites where you can watch it for free.

Being it a remake of a series back in the 1980s, Voltron tells the story about five people having to save the universe who gets tyrannized by an evil Alien Lord. With the help of Voltron which is parted into five mechanical lion shaped vehicles, the five people are the only ones who can save the universe.

As I mentioned, my entire twitter timeline made me completely curious about the series and made me watch it at some point. I have not yet finished the series and the first season is already aired, a second season however has been confirmed.

Okay. This post turned out somewhat longer but that’s alright. If you found something you think it’s for preferences, take a peak on it and if you want let me know if you like it or not! Whether I finish any of the series I may write a complete review of the series. For now I let it slide and I hope to see you later!

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  1. Brandi says:

    i will be sure to update your link but even more so check out your recommended list. i’ve been meaning to get into more animes. i look forward to you guys new content

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