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Here’s my first review of the game BIOSHOCK INFINITE which is available on PC, XBOX 360, PS3 and soon on the current gen consoles (XBONE and PS4).


“Are you afraid of God?” – “No, but I’m afraid of you.”

This is how Bioshock Infinite starts and is – in my opinion – one of the most significant quotes in the game. It’s really difficult to tell the plot of this game without spoiling too much but I’ll try to be as precise as possible without giving too much away:

You are playing Booker Dewitt, a detective with a mission to free the girl named Elizabeth to wipe away the debt. When the game starts, you as the player will have no idea what’s happening but the more the plot progresses the more you’ll probably understand. Booker is sitting on a small boat with a woman and a man who are having a conversation while he’s listening to them. The detective gets a small box with a photo of the girl he has to rescue and a gun. It is written on the backside of the photo that Booker has to bring her to New York. After he leaves the boat, he arrives at a lighthouse. On top of the lighthouse the player will be sent above, to the city of heaven called Columbia. The only rule to get inside the city is to become baptized. When Booker is finally inside of Columbia, he starts to search for the girl but realizes that the citizens aren’t as nice as his first impression has been because he has the tattoo “AD” on his hand…

Characters & Relations:

Elizabeth isn’t a normal girl. The great thing about her is that she’s neither annoying nor useless. It’s always useful that she’s throwing the player salts, ammo, money and food in combat. The only thing Elizabeth desires during their journey is to become free and to live outside of Columbia since she’s been kidnapped as a child.

As Booker saves her from the tower where she’s been living since her childhood, she can’t believe her eyes because she hasn’t seen a human being for years. She’s asking him if he was real when they meet for the first time. At first she’s distrustful due to some events but as the story progresses their relationship changes nonetheless.

Booker’s character changes during the plot, at first he was a coldhearted detective who wanted to finish his mission but he gets to understand Elizabeth better and wants to help her fulfilling her wishes.


MASTERPIECE. This is the only thing I can say about that game. The storytelling is gorgeous and it isn’t a love story as some of the people thought to expect. But that would be weird if a man and a girl would fall in love (under these circumstances) anyways. At first when I played this game I had NO IDEA what’s happening and what the game wanted to tell me. But for people who know Bioshock games or Ken Levine, you’ll get plot twists and such a nice plot you’ll probably never expect. EVER.

The graphics might be not for everyone because it isn’t as realistic as many other shooters but that’s what made me interested in this game. To be honest, Elizabeth reminded me of Belle from the Disney movie “The Beauty and the Beast” because of her character design plus the graphics. I’m actually no fan of egoshooters but I changed my mind and am really happy I did. For your information, this was my first egoshooter I have ever played.

I liked the gameplay as well. It’s not a normal egoshooter since you are not only having your guns and weapons but “magicattacks” as well. You can refresh them with some salt which can be found everywhere or when Elizabeth is throwing you them in combat. Elizabeth as an AI was really helpful due to the fact that she’s helping you a lot in fights. Also it’s funny to listen to their conversations when you can interact with some things in Columbia. Her behaviour changes during their little interactions when you progress with the story.

To play Bioshock Infinite you don’t have to play the previous games (Bioshock 1 and 2) but you’ll get a lot of references in the game if you do so. The only thing I disliked about this game is that it’s so linear which isn’t a bad thing. But Columbia is so colorful and beautiful that I wanted to explore more.


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