Published by Kano Published on September 27, 2016

Greetings! I apologize for the lack of activity but both me and esthaim are quite busy with our real lives which is why we don’t post much. Anyways: I decided to come up with a review of a game I have been playing for a few days but amazed me so much.

I’m talking about Monument Valley, a game that is available for IOS, Android, Amazon Fire and Windows Phone.


A question of perspective – You play the princess Ida, who journeys through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects, which are referred to as “sacred geometry” in-game, as she journeys to be forgiven for something.

Characters & Relations

Princess Ida follows the trope ‘mute hero’ since she never speaks. However, during the game you may find the ghost, the crows and a totem who may help the princess on some levels. Both the ghost and the crows are from mischievous mind- while the ghost tells Ida what she has done, the crows may block the way or scowl at the player character whenever they get approached by them. The totem does not talk but is willing to help Ida with some riddles and to access exclusive spots within the dungeon.


This game may be a small one (as it only has ten chapters you can play), but if you purchase the nine extra chapters for 2 € you may get more fun. However, I have to note that the game itself has the price of 3 €, but it appears to be free if you play it on an Amazon Fire tablet. If you purchased the game you gain access of an extra chapter called Ida’s story. It makes more fun and gives you tingles if you use headphones. The sound effects and the sound itself are really nice and calming. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the extra levels unless you’re satisfied. The levels seem hard but if you look twice you may be close to the next way. It’s a question of perspective- and that’s what I think it’s amazing about the game. If you are a fan of optical illusions and riddles, I would recommend this game, even though it appears ‘expensive’ for an app game. I have yet to get through the last level (X) and consider if I should get the eight extra chapters. However, it’s up to everyone.
AMAZING: 08/10


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