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And here’s my second review about the game RED DEAD REDEMPTION which is available on XBOX 360 and PS3.


Prologue: 1911 – the end of the wild west in the american-mexican borderland. The plot takes place in the fictive town “Armadillo” and John Marston wants to kill his ex-fellow Bill Williamson. His first attempt failed since Marston was shot down and lost his consciousness. Bonnie MacFarlane and her father – who are both working at a ranch – saved Marston’s life and took care of him until he could take care of himself again.

As you can guess, you’re playing the life of John Marston and soon will understand his character due to his criminal backstory being revealed. Marston has a wife and a son who are both waiting for his return because he can only go back to his family once his mission is over: to kill Bill Williamson. And this is what he tried back then and wants to try again. Williamson and Marston share the same past because they were both outlaws who were gang members of Dutch van der Linde. On a failed robbery mission the gang members left the deadly injured Marston behind. Since then Marston wanted to leave his criminal past and start a new life. He and his wife Abigail Marston and his children (actually his son since their daughter died previor to the actual plot story) worked on a ranch as well to start a new life without his ex-fellows. He was living a peaceful life until agents went to his ranch to kidnap his family and free them when Marston has finished his mission: killing all his ex-fellow.


Characters & Relations:

Actually you’re almost on your own when playing Red Dead Redemption because it’s a beautiful open-world of the wild west era. Of course you’re going to meet other characters who are really multi-talented and sometimes weird as well. The characters are written gorgeously and you’ll laugh a lot because they’re hillarious in some ways. The characters are not “random” people to make the story more appeling but they’re actually important characters and have their own little personal story to tell as well.

My favourite relationship was between Marston and Bonnie MacFarlane. They understand each other both so well even though they’ve got to know each other due to random circumstances. This relation is by far the most important one for me and also for the plot as well.



I really didn’t know whether to give Red Dead Redemption a chance or not but I’m glad I did. It doesn’t matter if you like the wild west because I wasn’t a big fan of it either but the characters make this game worth playing. The world is beautifully designed and you will stop at everything you’ll see and take a look for a longer time. Every time I thought this game would become boring it didn’t and it came up with something else. You’ll be surprised how much different gameplay this game has to offer. You can go bounty hunting, playing poker (and I really wasn’t good at it and still am not…), rent a flat or more, throw horseshoes, accept side quests and more…

The world is really gorgeous as I told before and full of details. It’s actually really impressive since this game came out 6 years ago. Of course this game has bugs as well but they were mostly hilarious due to my horse flying (which was handy sometimes) or some other weird ones. This doesn’t happen often, for me at least. And you’ll love the characters which is the most important thing for Red Dead Redemption. Believe me, you’ll need one or two tissues as well.

Forthermore I want to tell that Red Dead Redemption has one DLC to offer which is a game on its own. It’s called Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare which takes place in a fictive world full of zombies and mythical creatures (bigfoot, unicorns etc.). It’s not as good as the main game but not bad either. The opening scene is hilarious and one of my favourite moments of this series. Please take a look at the first opening scene of this DLC and you’ll laugh so much it’s absolutely funny. The gameplay and look of the world are like the main game so if you have played it, you won’t be surprised how similiar it actually is. You should know the main game and its most important characters but you can buy it without owning the main game. I’d suggest if you want to play it to buy the Game of the Year Edition because it’s cheap and you’ll get every little DLC plus both of the games.


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